Western Feminism

Black women have almost always been overlooked in women’s rights movements. When women’s history is examined, it is viewed from the perspective of a middle class white woman due to the privileges that race affords white women. But where are the other women who aren’t part of the dominant culture. Their plight is often overlooked, their experiences are not a part of the dialogue, they are seen but not heard, they are the “voiceless” population. The mainstream assumption is that “woman” means middle class white woman, paying no attention to the experiences of women in other groups. The challenge to this assumption is then presented by women of color.

The inclusion of all women from all backgrounds into the mainstream ensures that all women have a voice in advancing the rights for women in the American society. Acknowledging our differences is the first step in understanding the struggles that every woman group faces, thus creating a united front for the advancement of all women.


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